Meet the Matchmaker

Invitation Only
The red velvet rope is always up
in the dating lounge.

Only those who are invited or
approved gain Admission
Strategic Match Settings
Be Picky!

The Dating Lounge has
more than 15 different match settings
That let you zero in
on your perfect match!
High-End Members
All Members are High-End Successful

Who else would you want to meet?
Ask the matchmaker
Stop letting your biased friends advise you.

Get some real tough love for a change.
Ask for a reference
Get the stamp of approval from a mutual
friend about a match.

Why not?
You trust them the most.
Play Matchmaker
Haven't You always wanted to
set up your friends?

Go ahead and nudge them
in the right direction!
Make an Introduction
Are you old fashioned?

Ask a friend to introduce you to someone in
the lounge just like you do in real life.
Travel Matches
Jetting off for work or for

great, you never know where
you are going to meet that
special someone!
Excludes married people
The dating lounge excludes married
people and people in a relationship.

No one wants to date someone who is
already taken.

Why should you waste your time on that?