Professional matchmaker &
Founder, Samantha Daniels Says...

The Story Behind The Lounge
About a year ago, our resident Matchmaker, Samantha Daniels, was sitting in her Manhattan office listening to yet another single New Yorker complain about their most recent online dating disaster. Samantha had spent her career listening to single people share their dating trials and tribulations as well as their opinions, both positive and negative, about online dating and dating apps, so this was really just another day in the trenches for her.

This time, the singleton lamented that his date was eight years older than her profiled age and she wasn't as tall nor as thin as her inaccurate photos would have suggested. Further, even though the two had sat together for over an hour, they were not able to figure out even one person that they knew in common.

Being that this was the tenth person in that week alone who shared their frustration and disappointment about online dating with Samantha, a light bulb went off in her head. She realized that the online dating and dating app experience could be so much better if someone like herself, who was in the thick of all things dating, got involved and addressed what was missing and what was inadequate in the existing dating app environment.

At that moment, Samantha conceived of The Dating Lounge, the invitation only dating community where friends date each other'sfriends. She realized that if she started with a core nucleus of upscale, well educated, attractive single influencers across the country who were connected to her and to each other in some way (by lifestyle choices), a mushrooming effect could occur. And then, she would have the makings of an exclusive dating environment where the Members would want to meet each other's friends in a way that was more in line with real-life, offline dating practices. After all, in today's day and age, if you are single, you are using dating apps and dating online.
  • They are upscale, well-educated, well traveled, attractive and single influencers.
  • They enjoy the finer things in life.
  • They work hard and play hard.
  • They are at the top of their fields or are on their way there.
  • They are charitable and partake in philanthropy because they like to give back.
  • They are connected to each other in some way because they have similar lifestyles and interests.
  • They are tired of being disappointed by the quality of people they are meeting online.



These tips might not be pretty or "politically correct" (whatever that might mean in today's age). However, these tips are truthful, plain and simple and are spot on when it comes to the members of The Dating Lounge.

Please, don't shoot the messenger...

Women In The Lounge Prefer
  • Men who don't brag about their success.
  • Men who are confident.
  • Men who don't talk about their sexual exploits and ex's.
  • Men who travel.
  • Men who are looking for a real relationship.

Men In The Lounge Prefer
  • Women who are happy.
  • Women who are fit.
  • Women who don't seem crazy.
  • Women who seem like they will be a good mother.
  • Women who like sex.